We will answer the most frequently asked questions :

1. What type of applications do you share?

We share applications destined for Android and iOS.

2. Why are you protect this with surveys and you don’t give us direct download link?

We hope that surveys will limit the number of downloads to people who really want to use our software. We are trying to prevent bots, so you have to fill out short and fast survey to prove you are human. The survey is there to protect our cheat from spammers and bad intoned people and to make sure that our link will stay online!

3. How will you avoid spammers and bad intoned people?

Only interested people would download, take some minutes to complete the survey. The survey is a great filter from spammers.

4. Can I be sure that program is clean?

All of our programs are 100% secured. We scan them using virustotal before we add on the site. It is not possible that our program has a virus. Sometimes it happens that antivirus detects a virus, you have to just ignore. This happens very rarely.

5. Can your programs ban my games?

No. Ther is no possible way to get banned. We take care of that. Our programs can be used a lot of times and you can be sure that ther will be no problem in this case.

6. Can I contact with you when I will some problem with application?

Yes, of course! You can always write on our email : admin@hacktoolheaven.com You may also place a comment on our blog.

7. Download button/link works on every browser?

Yes, they work on every type of them : Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mobile browsers and others. But please be sure that you have installed the newest flashplayer and you accept cookies.

8. Can I launch your app on every PC?

Our hack tools work on windows, mac, linux